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Jadwal Wawancara

Wawancara panitia International Conference of Asean Young Leader

Sabtu, 7 Mei 2011 di ruang 18 Gedung Kuliah Umum (GKU) lt.3 FISIPOL UGM

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International Conference of ASEAN Young Leaders 


Alignments, which in turn gave birth to the spirit to continue and serve in this country. Both at the time was a student or when already graduated from university and became a public figure. For example, in May 1998 student Union whose capable of overthrowing the regime of the “Orde Baru” system so that it appears the new face life in Indonesia, namely democracy, although now it still to be a dream for every citizen of Indonesia.

So even when it has been post-college, the leaders in this country, most are those who formerly active as a student activist Union in their university. Anies Baswedan (UGM), Priyo Budi Santoso (UGM), Hatta Radjasa (ITB), and Akbar Tandjung (ITB). In other words, actually, the college is a place which should be a flintstone for potential future leaders to confirm the two basic skills needed to build this country: the Scientific and Leadership.

However, on the other hand, it turns out there are still many issues of basic needs in this country that has not necessary solved by a systematic, measurable, and watch out in a planned manner. The problem of basic needs are still often controlled by foreign countries and Indonesia is still do not have a strong bargaining position to be an actor, in the other words we can say that Indonesia is still as a passive supporter. Thus, any ratified international policy into Indonesia’s policy, either in law or in another form, is still seen as “wish fulfillment” of the world community towards Indonesia

The existence of the issues that enter into the ASEAN region, is often addressed by the student Union in each country, a radical, individual, and yet achieve a more strategic and academic levels to provide alternative solutions and away from the shades of anarchism. Bids alternative solutions in the form of academic narrative, either in writing or in-depth review, as long as it is still not addressing the root of the problem, systematic, and planned. Thus, the results of studies carried out are still considered “wind” by the government of each country in ASEAN.

The perceived problems with this among the ASEAN countries, should be in terms of institutional relationships or in the form of a joint statement in response to an issue. For example, environmental issues of global warming impacts that hit the world, economic issues such as the impact of CAFTA policies or other issues such as the social culture of ASEAN countries.

Given the intense communication with the ASEAN Student Union through the ASEAN Student Union as the existence of cooperation in terms of academic course becomes a strategic goal from the establishment of this forum. As the first step the establishment of this forum will be held an International Conference of ASEAN Student Union Forum that the time and place will soon adjust.

International Conference of Asean Young Leaders

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